The Pyres Burnt

     Lance had seen Brompton like this before - it was while Brompton worked as an investigator for the Harris case. Mr. and Mrs. Harris; an elderly couple were beaten and robbed, their case was assigned to Sgt. Brompton. Late night pacing, and conversations which were met with Brompton gazing into thin, muttering one-word responses, troubled Lance. When the culprit was at last apprehended, Lance breathed a sigh of relief; both for the altruistic matter of justice and his selfish side. He was grateful to have his affectionate, attentive lover returned to him. Sgt. Paul Brompton and Lance Adams, met on the shores of Rehoboth beach, nine years ago - their relationship was instant and instantly solid. Where are heated arguments, short temper tantrums? Which other couples lower themselves to? The couples' friends would jest. At the time of their short courtship - they moved into together after a mere three weeks - Paul Brompton was not yet a Sergeant.
     The LGBT Advocacy Division of Police, was founded by Sgt. Brompton, along two other officers (one of them straight) in the office at the local station where Sgt. Bromptom worked - the same year Brompton and Lance were married in Amsterdam. Lance's pride in his husband is overflowing.
     With the intensity that now worried Lance, Paul worked his way to the uniform of Sergeant. From the beginning, Lance took to addressing Paul as Brompton, not Mr. Brompton, nor officer Brompton - just Brompton.
     On the afternoon, Sergeant Brompton responded to Craig's call; he hears a quavering, babbling, voice speaking on the telephone -- reporting a sexual assault. The accused is his ex-boyfriend, Frank. The obsessive behavior - from Craig, the suspect Frank, and sergeant Brompton - that follows this telephone conversation - create a twisty story of deception, sex, and ultimately unmasking of the truth.

Bragging Rights of Spring

     Harvard is an open book; whose pages are filled with hieroglyphs few can decipher. In this extended - comical, inspirational, and poignant - story, pre-Bellicose Boys, we follow the lives of Harvard, Jeannie, Matthew, and Stokes.